Marina James-GalvinWhen we are too busy to focus on our health and well-being we lose our “SPARK”. I see too many clients that are going, going, and going like the Energizer bunny and not making time for their own health. We all lead very hectic lives these days and can become confused with how to understand food labels, what does "organic" really mean, what is the right food and exercise plan for me and how to make time to just "BE" .

My intention when working with my nutrition and personal training clients is to sit down and strategize with them on how we can make their food choices easier (along with healthier), what exercises are best for your body and hormones, how to read food labels correctly (I take clients through Whole Foods Market and show them how to shop correctly), and how to integrate all of this into a busy life.

Benefits from working with me:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety by strategizing a healthier food and exercise plan
  • Having more energy from eating the right foods for YOU
  • Learning how to read food labels and walk into any grocery store and pick the healthiest foods
  • Reaching your ideal weight and body-fat percentage through the right exercise for YOUR body
  • Establish healthy eating patterns
  • Sleeping soundly and waking up ready for the day

My ultimate goal is for all of my clients to wake up each day feeling strong, healthy, grounded in their body and spirit, compassionate to everyone they encounter, happy and having Vibrant Health.